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The life cycle of land plants involves alternation of generations between a sporophyte and a haploid gametophyte.The gametophyte produces sperm or egg cells by mitosis.

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The absence of it allows the gonads to continue to develop into ovaries.

In general zoology, given the great variety in organs, physiologies, and behaviors involved in copulation, male genitalia are more strictly defined as "all male structures that are inserted in the female or that hold her near her gonopore during sperm transfer"; female genitalia are defined as "those parts of the female reproductive tract that make direct contact with male genitalia or male products (sperm, spermatophores) during or immediately after copulation".

The visible portion of the mammalian genitals for males consists of the scrotum and penis; for females, it consists of the vulva (labia, clitoris, etc.) and vagina.

The other, hidden sex organs are referred to as the secondary sex organs or internal genitalia.

The most important of these are the gonads, a pair of sex organs, specifically the testes in the male or the ovaries in the female.