Holly madison dating cris angel

They first went public with their romance at the Oct.

Criss Angel is making magic—and it’s not just at the Luxor.

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Angel has been married two times before, to Joann Winkhart, whom he divorced in 2006 after five years together, and Shaunyl Benson, the mother of Angel’s toddler son, Johnny.Of his new lady love, Angel wrote, “I’m nothing without you.” Angel also wrote that he has never loved anyone the way he loves Belinda, and he credited his new girlfriend, who has also been popping up in his magic acts, with helping to make him the best man he can be.“I’ve never loved anyone before you,” Criss tweeted.31 premiere of his Cirque du Soleil show She made a paper wedding ring for him to wear and said if he wore it, she would propose marriage to him.The couple even went shopping for rings over the Christmas holiday period just before Criss invited her parents to spend New Year’s with them.