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Hazelcast, a provider of operational in-memory computing, has teamed up with Solace, a provider of open data movement technology, to provide a new joint solution which enables multi-cloud and hybrid cloud replication of Hazelcast clusters for worldwide operation.

The solution enables enterprise grade reliability, WAN scale-out and low latency cluster replication.

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Solace helps companies effectively manage real-time information flow to achieve greater degrees of automation and to uncover data-driven insights.

Solace appliances compress the data by over 80% with negligible latency impact, enabling clients to benefit from Super Feed’s low latency, data quality and normalized delivery while using significantly less bandwidth.

SR Labs have deployed Solace Message Router Appliances to deliver a market leading compression solution, which publishes data in the Open MAMA format.

Driving the Future Industry experts say that government support is needed for such technologies – electric cars, driverless cars, or even flying taxis – to take off in the real world. Subodh Mhaisalkar, executive director of NTU’s Energy Research Institute, expects them to make economic sense in five years.

The key issue to tackle by then is charging infrastructure.