I must be dating myself backdating changes

Of course I, and so many others, feel the impact of the assassination of 50 fellow humans.I remind myself that it is okay to fully feel the grief, and acknowledge that it cannot, of course, possibly feel as earth shattering as those closest to the victims.Of course there are those that hate themselves and do horrible things to their bodies or sabotage relationships. If she comes back and you aren't involved with someone else, that will be great for you.If she doesn't come back, hopefully the right person will find you.A person who does not love themselves cannot truly commit.They are always looking for someone "better" thinking that the other person is the problem, unless they recognize and admit what your ex did.It is their issue to work on, and you will only end up being the one hurt if you stay.

i must be dating myself-21

But I remind myself that making anything of this event more than what it is, making it a call to action, making it a hunt for justice, making it about grabbing at every pretty promise of future prevention– trying to build every wall and trading my soul for momentary “safety,” is going to be tempting, as the fear seems so overwhelming.

Trust me, she was doing you a favour and it was the most honest and compassionate thing to do.

It is essential that one loves oneself before being able to love another.

This post is me sharing my humble perspective on how to cope with tragedies, like the recent one in Vegas.

To those impacted in any way– I see you, I am not here to tell you what you’re feeling or how you should heal.