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He still had no idea who'd turned their cards and the first he selected was a minimum height of 163cm. They also gave him a chance to see whom the "computer" had matched him with, which turned out to be Rebecca.

They held hands on stage for 20 seconds, and looked into each other's eyes to see how they felt.

I was expecting the game show to be fair, where I would meet the male contestants on stage and we'd be judged by our feelings. The director had a meeting with us the day before the show and we had to submit our answers to a series of profile questions before taping.

I was at a major disadvantage because our answers had to be written in Chinese.

All Chinese guys want someone who is wife material - traditional girls, who will get along with their mother.

“If I was your girlfriend, would you let your belly be my pillow?

There were other questions too like, "What were your exes like: timid or outspoken and controlling?

“When you came on stage you looked like a noodle,” a third woman tells the slim young man in front of her.Every now and then I would get a phone call from one of mum’s friends saying they'd found someone to set me up with – always the son of a friend of a friend.Then one day they caught wind of news a Chinese dating show was coming to Australia for auditions.Then she fed it to him, putting each into his mouth.I ended up picking this 29-year-old guy called Vic because he was the most Australian of all the contestants, although they were all born in China.