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But I am pretty much convinced that 10 men suffering 10 years of incel vs 10 brutally raped women will suffer more. [He insists that he did not blackmail a woman for sex, and then tells us a story that...

sounds a lot like he blackmailed a woman for sex.] Actually, I did not blackmail a woman for sex.

What happened was that she promised sex to a sensitive, sexually inexperienced guy once just to change her mind because I said it will be weird doing it with condoms (of course I was going to use them, I was extatic about the opportunity to have sex).

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My gut feeling is that y'all are being too hopeful for calling troll on this. When you admit to begging your mother for sex not to mention calling her a whore when she doesnt comply youve gone far beyond an average MRAs sense of entitlement; youve hit Time Cube Guy-level insanity. but its not going to cause me to proposition relatives, suggest that i be guaranteed sex, or insist i'll snap if i dont get laid.

If I were asked to describe this young man in one word, I would put a finger up to my lips and make bibble noises.

Some choice quotes: [Responding to accusations about his behavior] You wanted to rape your mother !

My skin started crawling just from the proposition his mother quote so I skipped to the end of the OP. I just dont meet people i click with irl very often for some reason or another.

I hope that dude is nuts because even if it's satire I'm not sure I want to believe that a normal mind is capable of coming up with that. It's actually pretty clear why...because he is not a healthy, rational person.