Infopath updating the site content type failed

One of the issues with mobile that simply can’t be overcome is the old workaround of using SWF to insert animations, multi state objects and video.

While earlier version of Acrobat had flash player included, that is no longer the case and even it were, SWF files won’t play on mobile devices.

If having it work in a browser is the goal, why use PDF when an HTML form is so easy to add to a website?

Alternatively, Google Forms are terrific for that type of thing and way easier to create than a form in In Design.

There is no single answer and I will say that for forms that can be distributed in a controlled manner, PDF may still be a very viable choice, especially in government applications or where privacy is paramount such as medical information.

Read on for more) and the fact that your client or boss insists on a PDF is irrelevant (if he/she disagrees, feel free to point them to this post).

Sure, you can drive a nail using the back of a wrench, but I’ll take a hammer for that any day of the week.

Interactive PDF may be the right format for some uses, but for most interactive uses today, there a better choices. If you want to learn more about FXL Epub, check out Anne-Marie Concepcion’s course.

I also recommend Diane Burns’ course on creating animations.

If you’d like to learn about multi state objects, check out my course on that subject.

Infopath updating the site content type failed