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In case you are not applying for a scholarship or did not receive it from Rossotrudnichestvo for some reason, but you want to study on a contract basis and pay for your education, please apply directly to the university using our website.

Follow the link, sign up, sent an application and receive consultation from the representatives of universities.

If there is an interruption in study, then the current tuition fees at the time of returning to studies will apply.

Please note that tuition fees are per semester and there are two semesters in each academic year. For further information contact the international team at RU or [email protected]

To confirm your place in a programme you must pay the confirmation fee associated with that programme before the deadline.

All first year students entering the University must pay a non-refundable confirmation fee.

If a student does not pay their tuition fees by the final due date, the University reserves the right to cancel registration and forfeit a student's right to begin or continue studies at RU.

If a student has not paid their tuition fees within 30 days of the final due date, they will be de-registered from their programme and all access to exams, to the intranet, and to the learning management system of the university, will be closed.

You will also need: Information about candidates reaches the central office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Moscow, after this Ministry of Education of Russia receives it and adds to the information base

After registration applicants receive an ID which allows them to access the information system and track the application status.