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CBC News found others who were surprised to learn their profiles were on several of the company’s dating sites.Karen (not her real name) signed up for a seniors' dating site this past summer.Carl Chambers is a new member and says he has other motives for avoiding the online dating scene. "It's important to get a feel for that individual and of course, there is an application form to fill out," Antymis said, "After we discuss what they have to offer, it's important to prove one's 'singleness.' That is paramount." When CBC News revealed the findings of our investigation to members of the group, they were not impressed."I work on a computer all day at work and the last thing I want to do on my leisure time is more emails or read," Chambers said. Cam Chase said he feels especially sympathetic towards the widow who wound up with a profile on The commissioner concluded that one company wasn't being transparent enough with customers."Troubling given the extremely sensitive nature of the information the site was collecting," the commissioner said in an email to CBC.Members of the singles group, Adventures for Successful Singles, meet at Flea Whiskeys and other spots around Winnipeg to hang out and mingle."Well, you see what you're getting for starters, as opposed to a high school picture that's been doctored for 20 years," said Cam Chase, who's been with the group for one year.

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That’s a large part of the reason Espinoza started Ladies and Gents, a Manitoba-based dating site that promises respect and safety. Everyone has to have a picture posted, and only members can see posts, meaning everyone’s equally vulnerable. " They offer Skype dates, and encourage that kind of contact before meeting up in real life.

She signed up for the site Widows or Widowers, never knowing she would end up on sites she never signed up for and never heard of. When you sign up to a Global Personals site, you agree to its terms of use by clicking “join.” You do not need to look at the terms to join, but when you do, it says: “By registering with the site you acknowledge and accept that all content that you post to the site may be searchable and available to users of the service who access it via different web sites from the site.” None of the people who spoke to CBC News knew that joining one could mean having their profile up on many sites.

“You need to be clear enough in those terms of use — in privacy policy — so people truly understand where the information is going” said Bowman.

Another investigation found a dating site failed to fully delete a woman's account after she asked to be removed from the site.

In that case, the commissioner concluded the site should make it easy for users to fully delete an account.