Intimidating male body language

For all their bluff and bluster, men aren’t always as confident as they may seem.

Sure, they’re noisy, pushy and often far too boisterous for their own good, but it can take a lot of forced bravado – as well as a little imbibing – to get them to act that way.

Standing or sitting, my arms get tired from hanging, or leaning on armrests, or whatever. How we hold ourselves can affect our memory: studies have revealed that folding arms and legs while sitting in a lecture theatre can reduce recall of the information by up to 40% - another good reason to avoid folding your arms. I thought when i see a person touching his nose he is lying everything he does, for this reason i touch the right side of my forehead to think why a person is touching his nose maybe because he smells the stingy doings of the other person.

Men may also do this when they feel insecure around another male.

In their famous 1960 presidential debate, Richard Nixon crossed his arms when talking to John F.

Kennedy off the air, because, as his biographer noted, Nixon always felt insecure around “Ivy league types,” even though he was Vice President at the time and had international stature. Speaking of insecurity, when we're scared or experiencing high anxiety, arm crossing helps us to deal with anxiousness or psychological distress.

We can differentiate by noting that arm crossing is joined by frequent neck touching or covering of the neck dimple. The fact that they are mirroring each other, with their legs crossed, says everything is between them.