Intimidating team sayings

Each of these shirts and slogans tried to do something regional. Please take no offense if you read this and say “that guy just doesn’t get it.” I really don’t. Memphis Grizzlies — “Believe Memphis” This one straddles the lines. And the team captured the three seed because of the Morey-D’Antoni system. Atlanta Hawks — “True To Atlanta” They’ve used it before, but it’s so good when you realize it’s a giant subtweet to the Atlanta Braves. Only disappointment here is that the Pacers weren’t ever going to give fans much to rally around against the Cavs. Cleveland Cavaliers — “Defend The Land” They’ve used the phrase before when they were losing, Cleveland owns “the Land” and they’re the defending champs. You can see a little kid writing this on his little league helmet or a Browns fan yelling it in desperate agony. Here’s the positive: Memphis has always had an identity. The Braves made the decision to move from their stadium in downtown Atlanta to way, way, way out in the suburbs. There’s no Jazz music to speak of in Utah and it isn’t entirely inspiring. And most importantly, you can very easily see Le Bron James sliding from saying “get one for the Land” to “defend the Land.” The Q is fitted for Game 2. We need an answer to this question, so please get back to us soon, Isreal.

Should we get shirts all in the same color or alternate sections?

We don’t know whether to call that stupid or just an example of an incredibly sophisticated mind game, but either way, it’s brilliant.

Hailing from sunny Malaysia, a country mostly known for being deceptively difficult to spell, the Royal Ranger Regiment is notable for being the only unit in the country permitted to wear a pimpin’ black feather in their already awesome berets.

It’s like if President Trump’s next campaign hat were to just read “Donald Trump.” They even have a great slogan, “Thunder Up.” And we’re aware they changed their shirts for game 4, but they knew they were in the playoffs for long enough to get it right in game 3 and they didn’t. “It Takes Everything” comes a bit short of inspiring confidence in a team who can lose everything if they come up short. It’s not really a throwback to the Jordan era, which is smart because this team has no shot of equaling the accomplishments of those teams. Indiana Pacers — “One State” Not sure if you’ve taken note over the past few years, but Indiana has made national news for all the wrong reasons.

This slogan doesn’t inspire so much as it authorizes you to accept a loss by saying... A franchise who’s highest profile moments have all involved turmoil and who has never really connected with their community now proclaiming ‘we’re all a family.’ Not buying it. It’s of course used by tons of franchises and college teams across every sport. Chicago Bulls — “See Red” You’re already the eight seed. State government ridiculously spent years waging an anti-gay campaign that cost the state tens of millions while angering the NCAA, NFL and NBA, all because a gay couple wanted to buy a wedding cake.