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Residents are encouraged to attend the event to find out what an animal by-products processing facility is and does and what effect it could have on the local environment.There are already plans to raise the profile of this impending planning application with the local MP and any other bodies of influence to attempt to prevent the development going ahead in what is otherwise a rural idyll.

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You start with 12 points on your licence and then points are deducted for traffic offences until you have no points and lose your licence - in a way this is more logical. our Monarch is pronounced Mon-Ark and many place names are pronounced phonetically as they are spelt Launceston, Norfolk etc, as is Anthony.

I would like to commence our AGM by saying thank you to Andrew Francis Vice Chairman, Sue Barnett Secretary, Roger Baker Treasurer and Pat Doody Auditor along with our Elected Members, Co-opted Members and Executive Members from our Organisations for their support throughout the year and hopefully for everyones continued support for the year ahead.

Many discussions were held at our Charity Meetings during the year covering a wide variety of topics enabling all to express their views and opinions ensuring all decisions made were for the good of the Village and I would like to remind everyone what the Charity has been involved in.

They are holding a public exhibition on Wednesday 1st November between 10.30am and 7.30pm in Norton Disney Village Hall Members of the companys development team will be on hand to discuss the plans in more detail and answer any question you might have.

You will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposals at the event.