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:~/node/bitcoin$ ./qa/pull-tester/pruning Running 2nd level testscript ..

Initializing test directory /tmp/testt SK9Jx Warning! This test requires 4GB of disk space and takes over 30 mins (up to 2 hours) Mining a big blockchain of 995 blocks Check that we haven't started pruning yet because we're below Prune After Height Success Though we're already using more than 550MB, current usage: 590 Mining 25 more blocks should cause the first block file to be pruned Success Usage should be below target: 479 Check that we'll exceed disk space target if we have a very high stale block rate Mine 24 (stale) blocks on Node 1, followed by 25 (main chain) block reorg from Node 0, for 12 rounds Usage can be over target because of high stale rate: 638 Check that we can survive a 288 block reorg still Current block height: 1320 Invalidating block at height: 1033 2d671d7c2d0bf06c1514b40b6d2e2388f593262020b6c90a99b28f924b340392 New best height 1032 Generating new longer chain of 300 more blocks Reconnect nodes bitcoind: sync.cpp:112: void potential_deadlock_detected(const std::pair&, const Lock Stack&, const Lock Stack&): Assertion `only Maybe Deadlock' failed.

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