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It often involves getting really sneaky and having to risk being grounded by the adults.

They are persistent, no matter who gets in the way, whether it's friends or family.

So, when ultra-organized 15-year old Casey (Ashley Leggat) and her younger sister Lizzie (Jordan Todosey) move in with selfish and demanding Derek (Michael Seater), his younger brother Edwin (Daniel Magder), and their tantrum prone youngest sister Marti (Ariel Waller), space, privacy, and dealing with change quickly become serious challenges.

This modern-day finds the kids fighting over everything from a shelf in the bathroom medicine cabinet to the television remote, who gets the biggest bedroom, and dating rules.

The show includes several cut-scenes, where various members of the family (usually the ones involved in a problem) interact with one another in a way that is symbolic of their current issue, performed in a nondescript setting with no background.

Despite Casey and Derek's constant bickering and disagreements, they have been known to come together to cooperate toward a common goal, or to use one another to further their own selfish agendas.

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" /Parents need to know boys talk about the female anatomy.The series is also based on Casey and Derek's rivalry.The family is revealed to live in London, Ontario, Canada, when George is reading a newspaper titled London Chronicle in episode "Don't Take a Tip From Me." Also, in another episode, "All Systems No Go," he refers to himself as "George from London," and in "Dinner Guest," when Lizzie explains how her dad's been to London and Paris, George remarks, "I've been to London and Paris...The Venturis have long been accustomed to a lax, unorganized way of life in which the three children invariably get their way, while the Mac Donalds thrive on a more orderly life where politeness is key.When George Venturi (John Ralston) and Nora Mac Donald (Joy Tanner) marry, the two families must somehow merge into one.