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At small age he has earn many thing and he is dependent boy.

Dylan is also a musician and actor, he was born on the month of December 29, 1996 and he is only of 18 years.

They figure that once released, Eddie will skip town on the government dime in an act of self-preservation.

But they miss the mark, and Mike earns a front row seat to Eddie blowing his own head off at Bello’s request.

He was too interest in filming line so he has done many process to be successful.

There is no information about his education but it is sure that he has done honors of degrees in acting and drama.

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As Dylan is cute and young anyone likes to date him we can see lots of dating and affair list of him also his sexy and shirtless pictures with his girlfriend.

His band also perform at many famous LA there song was also promoted for season 2 and there band were being popular.

They change their name of band from the feaver to the narwals he is singing brilliantly.

Top Quantico grad Mike Warren has always had his heart set on a post in D. Instead, the young rookie is shipped off to Graceland, a palatial beachfront mansion in Southern California where he’ll bunk with other top undercover agents from the FBI, DEA and ICE and work under Quantico legend Paul Briggs.

However, when Mike is sent under with a Russian gang, he only avoids being gunned down when Briggs shows up and saves his life.