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So yes, I could absolutely see a school doing something similar for Kelly, but keep in mind, he’ll be in a lot higher demand than Tedford was.It would have to be an awfully special job — Notre Dame?Conversely, if Oregon goes 8-4, you’ll probably never hear about this stuff again. We all know how great the 2016 Bama D was, but let’s remember the USC D in 2005 finished 35th overall and 75th in pass defense. I remember wondering at the time during all the hoopla about USC possibly having the Greatest Team of All Time why more people weren’t concerned about a defense that Arizona State, Notre Dame, and especially Fresno State had notable success against.Conversely, Alabama’s D was consistently dominant all year, with the one caveat that it barely faced any quarterbacks with a pulse prior to the playoff games.On one hand, he started out extremely well with recruiting and several coaching hires.On the other, there are the workout and DUI incidents by his coaches (former USF staffers, to boot) that have cast a suspicious eye on the U of Quack.

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As the head coach he’s ultimately responsible for his players’ safety.I know winning often cures all, but how much should Taggart be to blame for these incidents, and how much does this hurt his momentum in the eyes of fans and the public, in general?I don’t see how you can blame Taggart for the fact one of his assistants, David Reaves, drove while intoxicated.And if so, would he be able to begin recruiting in that capacity?Kelly’s potential availability brings to mind when Ohio State hired Urban Meyer in 2011.