Is mark ballas dating shawn johnson

With the comfort of at least one more week on the stage, the dancers were all able to get creative with their dances. With Derek injured, Mark filling in, and an injury of her own, Shawn had a lot to deal with.This week's episode was fusion-themed and asked the dancers to combine two very different styles of dance, making for some confusing routines and even more confused dancers. Thankfully, her hard work paid off and Shawn and Mark effortlessly pulled off their tango and paso doble fusion, with Bruno calling it flawless.The 20-year-old athlete has been juggling two dance partners all week long — Derek Hough and Mark Ballas and tonight, she’ll be reuniting on the dance floor with Mark for . We all just want Derek to get better and be healthy.And in the mean time I’m here to help out my brother.She ruled the world of gymnastic by winning the gold in Balance Beem Event in 2008 just at the age of 16.The only daughter of Doug and Teri Johnson, Shawn Johnson’s full name is Shawn Machel Johnson, at a very small age of 3 she was introduced to Gymnastic because of her naughty behavior of climbing cabinets and jumping off tables.

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The judges all praised her quickstep, but agreed that the samba fell apart.

Shawn went to Gymnastic School at the age of six where Liang-chow was her first tutor.

Shawn went to Valley High School to start her education and was very fond of Nutritioamiliar with football and Dances.

#chill,” Mark tweeted about the partner change for this dance only.

As previously reported, Derek is nursing a neck injury.

Is mark ballas dating shawn johnson