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A.’s Village Idiot in mid-April, Miley laughed off rumors of a romance, using the “just friends” chestnut. When the two get together these days, their relationship hardly seems platonic.

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“Miley and Nick want to get back together,” our source tells us.

The two kept touching each other’s arms and knees as they talked — and left the fete together.

Forget music — Simon Cowell is helping British singing sensation Susan Boyle with her love life.

Nick’s parents have this rule that when a girl is over, the door has to be open, but that didn’t stop Nick and Miley from making out.” According to the snitch, the couple is “very sweet together,” but they do have their squabbles — especially when it comes to telling Justin the truth.

The source says Miley even turned on the waterworks recently, crying: “How do I tell him? ” Adds the insider, “She doesn’t know how to tell Justin that they’re over, but Nick is being very firm with her.