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Like Anwar, Maxxie does not have an episode name to himself, instead being the co-centre in "Maxxie & Anwar" and "Maxxie & Tony", although the episode "Sketch" greatly involves him, as it is about his stalker.

In "Tony", he convinces Anwar and Chris to join him on a "big gay night out" after his tap-dancing rehearsals, but due to its faliure, eventually goes to Abigail Stock's party, since Chris claims "It's a rich-kids' party, all the guys are gay!

He is portrayed as a proficient at several styles of dance, including tap dance, a brilliant artist and a fair actor, seductive, well-liked and well-adjusted.

He is something of a comedian, particularly with best friend Anwar Kharral.

On the morning after the party, Maxxie realises that someone entered his flat when he finds one of her red hair clips on his floor.

Recognizing a matching one in her hair at school, he tracks the flash of her camera back at the estate and talks to her mother through the door phone.

From this episode, it can probably be inferred that, with the possible exception of Anwar, Maxxie has the most stable parental relationship of the group.

Eventually, Maxxie tries one more time to get Anwar to disregard his religion, but Anwar reluctantly refuses (despite acknowledging that he is a hypocrite), ending their friendship. Tony tries repeatedly to give oral sex to Maxxie, which Maxxie refuses until he is very drunk and distraught one night, only to inform Tony that he isn't very good at it - and with Tony's girlfriend Michelle having seen the whole thing.

Like Maxxie, his father and even his dog dance in their spare time, although Maxxie struggles to convince his dad to let him drop his A Levels and audition for musicals in London, an ambition which Walter is convinced will fail.

Though Maxxie generally comes from a stable home with loving parents, he remains subject to homophobic abuse from "chavs" on the council estate where he lives- although he disregards their abuse, his father (who is entirely accepting of his son's homosexuality) manhandles one of them for his insults.

In "Tony and Maxxie", the episode introduces Maxxie's parents, Jackie and Walter Oliver, revealing Maxxie's surname, that he has a dog called Taz and his situation with his parents.

After Tony's accident in series one and his subsequent brain trauma, Maxxie, Jal and Chris are the only friends who are still there for him.