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She also worked as the Whistler Reporter for CTV's Olympic Morning show during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

She was on one seven on-air personalities that launched MTV Canada in 2006 and appeared regularly on the flagship show MTV Live.

Instead of answering the question, Newton put Rodrigue on the spot simply for being a woman who was doing her job as a sports journalist.

Newton smirked as Rodrigue asked the completely legitimate question before making the sexist remark, which was met with awkward silence in the press area.

She soon expanded her role and was involved with several other programs on the network.

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While audiences were digging the plot twist, the actors themselves were surprised at the pairing and worked to make it seem believable on screen.

Presently, she is editor of African American Literature in Transition, Vol.

2 (Cambridge, forthcoming), on black literature produced between 18 and the array of cultural, technological and political transitions associated with these works.

Guy talked about creating this chemistry with her co-star and friend, Hardison, who eventually became her on-screen husband.

She even reveals at one point that he became protective of her on set when other love interests came around.