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As fans gear up for the Dunder Mifflin gang’s official sign-off after tonight’s series finale, viewers will also have to say farewell to those sweet and relatable moments between Fischer and her onscreen husband John Krasinski (Jim Halpert).

Fischer, 39, talked to PARADE about her favorite memories and more.

I answered this ad in the back of the newspaper to be a telephone psychic, and I did that for two days.

When I watched the episode, the moment in the episode is magical, but the moment in real life was, too.

I think that just embodies the warmth and specialness that the show has for me.” " data-parade-post-image="

the tight-knit family at Seaside Health and Wellness is in for a huge shakeup as a new doctor arrives in the wake of a devastating loss; meanwhile, Addison makes a heart-wrenching choice between Jake and Sam.

More changes are in store for Cooper and Charlotte who discover that life's biggest events come in threes.