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His father was the Reverend Boyd and was from Cleveland, Ohio. He did write to my mother at an old address in Greenwich London. At the time my mother was separated from her husband and had an affair with a GI, my DNA says that i am 55% Irish and that doesn't conform with my relation tree so i can only realise that the GI my father had Irish roots.

Thanks for any my dads name is laurence granger e was born in august 1939 his dad was a american soilder serving in bristol who e never new his mums name was ivy granger if you ave information email me [email protected], I am looking for my African American Biological Father, that must have been stationed here in England or in Northern Ireland in or around 1953 as I was born from an Irish mother here in the U. However, I do not know whether he knew that my mother was pregnant. All I know is that he was an African/American stationed in Barry, South Wales in 1944/45 before possibly being shipped across to France. The nearest GI base from us at Penarth was Newport.

I also have a younger brother who was left in Japan, also fathered by an African American soldier. Over several decades I've done several searches by corresponding with the Consulate/Embassy in Japan,internet searches, etc to no avail. We think my dad might have been stationed at Furstenfeldbruck AFB in 1952 and Bitburg/Spangdahlen in 1953. The mother of the girl and boy was reportedly French (but the mothers mothers family was German). It feels so sad not to know from who you actually came from.

I know that my dad tried to bring them to the States at the time, but AF policy apparently prohibited it(per my uncle). Name: Eunice Claxton Posted: South west England around 1945 ish From: Texas USA My Grandmother received telegram telling her he had been killed in action. I am a 50 years old now who does not even know the full name of my real father.

I do not know if the mother was a civilian or perhaps part of the French occupation force. Names- Elaine born 1953 in France and Jerry born 1954. I will never be complete Greetings to all My name is Bethel , am from Nigeria I have this.My father Philip Wegner was stationed in Germany/France Dec 1951 to Nov 1953. My grandfather who died in 1991 gave me an ancient wand which I have been keeping till now, he told me the wand was 280yr when his father gave it to him, the wand is made up of gold and bronze very powerful, it is use for command too, I met a white man named Mr.Smith, all I know is that his from America, we stared work with this wand but when he went back to America in 1996 we lost contact. Smith or help me continue the work with the wand contact me on [email protected] for a half sister, born in Metz France or surrounding areas in 1954-55 to a US Air Force man named Joseph Hughey.If you have information please email CJ at [email protected] I am looking for my husbands 1/2 sister who was born in Schwabisch Gmund around late 40's 1950's.My father in law was stationed with the US Army at Stuttgart.