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Her photos are actually neither revolutionary nor insightful: sexy photos of her in underwear; food arranged cheekily into an object resembling male genitalia (deleted because of public outcry); and just last week, a photo of herself grabbing onto her knees as if they were breasts.

Amid the backlash, her social media persona is gathering its share of supporters.

For my MA thesis, I did research on the , the first vernacular newspaper in Korea, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to study Korean history instead. D., I moved to the Department of History at the University of Chicago.

My dissertation examined the emergence of the discourse of the nation through the works of the writer Yi Gwangsu.

Since becoming a relatively freer agent — no longer bound by the strict codes of conduct that govern K-pop idols — Sulli has been been posting more revealing photographs of her life, which includes Choiza, the rapper whom she is still dating. Less than two weeks ago, she posted pictures of herself in just a T-shirt and underwear, staring suggestively into the camera.

The photographer was none other than Rotta, famous (or notorious depending on who is talking) for taking ‘Lolita-esque’ or ‘virgin-whoresque’ pictures of female celebrities.

During my graduate studies, I spent a total of three years in Korea, and I also spent one year in Japan at the Inter-University Center for Advanced Language Studies.

From 2001, I taught in the Department of Asian Studies at Cornell University and then moved to Cambridge in fall 2008.

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