Lagos nigeria dating marriage

Now use the names, first flower and sweet sweetie on skype. Idroj (Spain) Report N86 (added on May, 28, 2014) I was contacted by her on Christian mingle. Then she asked me to go to Yahoo Messenger because it would be easier and she would send me some photos to my yahoo email. Told her know b UT I would meet her in a country she could fly to or come visit Accra. I suspected all along but this person prayed on my desire for a young attractive lady.

Floretta claimed she was a midwife working with UNICEF. She asked if we could exchange cell numbers so we could text. When I tried to text the cell number from NY it was never responded to. one is on this site and I am slowly getting more info' out of her. Waiting for request for money first and will report. She got mad and said the only way to see me in Accra was if I did some sort of ritual. This person used webcam footage that never quite matched up but was believable enough, even used sketchy footage blaming it on the rain and poor footage. Bo (Denmark) Report N104 (added on May, 21, 2015) Says she was born in Alton OH, until age of 3 then father took her to London. Asks for money for rent, food and extras, not a lot but small amounts 0, 0, etc....

So she gave me another number this one was from Texas. I sent a message that she was way too young for me and I was not interested in any romantic relationship. I joined this site on the recommendation of a friend for protection whilst I am a member of a dating site. Jack (Australia) Report N89 (added on June, 6, 2014) Known scammer from Africa. This person claimed to be young lady going to nursing school in kumasi with very sad story about her parents dying and leading a very sad life. Steve (Canada) Report N99 (added on February, 20, 2015) Same lady, many names... Bruce (South Africa) Report N103 (added on April, 28, 2015) I got lot of pictures. Claims mother and father killed in plane crash, and she is down there to sell his businesses. Been member of this site 3 years ago, and I will say thank goodness for this site! Jonathan (USA) Report N105 (added on June, 11, 2015) Amina finds men on Skype.

Contact lasted about 5-6 days before I got wise of a possible scam. Dennis (Sweden) Report N90 (added on June, 17, 2014) I saw the Pictures and reports about this scammer. She was looking for true love hence her skype name This person worked very hard and countless hours building trust to ultimately have me send money for birthday (which fortunately I didn't do) and then was going to arrange for passport to be renewed and visa which probably would have meant me sending more money. Zekiel (USA) Report N100 (added on March, 26, 2015) Contacted yesterday, found pic on your website! She asked if i have Whatsapp and she added me there. If the man responds, she sends three pictures of a very beautiful woman and starts up a chat.

Mark (USA) Report N76 (added on January, 23, 2014) She contact me first on skype then whatsapp and yahoo. David (USA) Report N80 (added on February, 20, 2014) Typical African scammer. The last straw occurred when I got an email from her telling me she was just attacked and had to be taken to the hospital. Joe Bergin (USA) Report N81 (added on February, 20, 2014) Donna intitated the contact I think on arrangement we have corresponded for3 or 4 weeks.

she claim she is in germany and no have phone, about whatsapp just set on her computer with above usa mobile number. She is now asking me to help with doctor and medicine expenses. She fell in love with me very quickly and I am quite a bit older then her, her letter were incrediblely beautiful fill with emotion , loving statement, and occasion reference to god and destiny.

, she was finding difficult time with me cause I keep digging more deeper now she is waiting 50usd that I should send it. then she said that she had the last work with orphanage in Ghana after few days she sends email that she was trying to send emails but had to sit a coffeshop as there are no PC in her hotel, then she asked for ipad, once she sent the address I have found that this address is reflected in this website. She asked me for 100 euros once, and when I refused, she didn't stop communicating in Whatsapp.

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I have registered trusting her to get married and to go to Germany to start a new life but she is now telling me last 3 days back that she is hospitalised again under Ulcer having no proper food and money to buy food etc.

Pravin (Nepal) Report N84 (added on April, 17, 2014) This girl approached me via and we exchanged email addresses, she sent out various pictures of herself (and one of another girl), has spent over a week in casual converstaion and is now asking for money to pay for exams.