Lake bell dating

ABC News has since removed the original video from their website and replaced it with an unrelated, low quality video of Lake Champlain, but it can still be seen on this You Tube video.

Obviously these creatures would not be in freshwater, many miles away from the ocean.

Lake Champlain is a very deep, 125 mile long waterway that forms the border between the states of NY and VT. Lawrence Seaway and this entire region is thought to have been the “Champlain Sea” at the end of the Ice Age.

The first recorded sighting of the monster took place when Samuel de Champlain came upon the lake in July of 1609.

Like many a cryptozoological creature, this one was somehow lost thereby ensuring that the monster would remain an enigma.

Dennis Hall subsequently saw what he thought was the spitting image of the creature he once possessed in a book on prehistoric reptiles.