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The Wikipedia article calls him a Dutch Jewish literary writer and journalist, assassinated by Haganah for his anti-Zionist political activities and contacts with Arab leaders.Chaim Arlosoroff, Political Secretary of the Jewish Agency (the World Zionist Organization's "Palestine centre") was shot dead on a Tel-Aviv beach in front of his wife on 16th Jun 1933.Israeli assassinations are acts universally condemned as illegal and, normally, considered a very serious breach of international relations.The repercussions and outrage would normally persist for years - see, for example, the mountains of attention to Alexander Litvinenko, Poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko of 2006 and Alexander Litvinenko assassination theories to understand.Despite the great range and number of these killings it would appear that (almost) nobody has ever been prosecuted and punished realistically for any of them.

It has now become urgent to launch a petition and gather 50000 signatures in order to bring the local authorities and ministries to enforce the law and repress the violations that are committed there, and thus preserve the historical valley.

Annoubine Valley which harbors the most ancient Christian monasteries in the world is on the verge of being radiated from the World Heritage list because of serious plagues that are destroying it, such as violations in construction, deforestation, burning of waste, sewage flows, noise coming from restaurants and cars…

Since 1998, the UNESCO has included “the natural-cultural landscape of Qadisha Valley- the forest of the cedars of God” in the World Heritage list.

They said Palestinian police are connected to terror and that the [killers] passed through the checkpoint.

Maybe the police are connected to terror but for sure they didn't pass through all the checkpoints [attacked that day]." Israel (and pre-Israel Zionists) have openly used assassination, killing 100s of their opponents, British, Palestinian, European and some Jews since 1924. In June 2002, Professor Steven R David of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies said (to a meeting in Maryland): Israel has openly pursued a policy of targeted killing since the inception of the second intifada in September 2000.