Live cam pinay iphone

It is one of the cheapest action cameras on the market, and for some new adventurers or even weekend travelers – they do not want to empty their pocket for an expensive travel gadget.

With the adventures planned for that month, I agreed to it and played with the buzz-crazed budget friendly entry level action camera to help you guys decide whether to get one yourself.

If you ask me if I could compare it with other budget-friendly action camera in the market, I’m afraid I could not.

I have not tried any other budget-friendly entry level action cameras to compare it with.

A shared Wi-Fi network between your computer and your i OS device. Download and run the free Mac or Windows software from stream your video feed.*** If you have problem getting Air Cam to work, please contact us at [email protected], and we will help you fix the problem.

I use Supremo1 to create videos that would look good on mobile, and desktop computer quality videos.

I do not mind doing some minor enhancements on the videos, and I do not use it for commercial purposes that I need high quality videos out of it.

Despite the different use of action cameras today, everyone wants to get the best out of the action camera they could find and get.

Late last year I was contacted by Digital Frontier to check out Supremo 1 WIFI Action Camera.