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Healing can't begin unless the person who is caught admits to their wrongdoing."It starts with owning the event itself, without casting any blame," Rosenberg said.A dear friend and I were talking recently about getting punched in the gut by online comments.She is an author and she'd just been called a pagan and a Wiccan by a reader who didn't find her writings on Christianity to be Christian enough.

" The freedom to fantasize, without the intrusion of reality — as well as the anonymity afforded by the Internet — also can be alluring.Self-compassion is essential right away to get to the next level."Rosenberg added that a breach of trust can trigger other emotional issues if they haven't been resolved."If you had abandonment issues or abuse as a child, and you haven't recovered from it, this triggers it — so what you have is a response that is not only bad because someone hurt you, but it (also) has layers of hurt, and you need to look at those unresolved issues."For the cheater: Be accountable for your actions.' They might not be able to cross that bridge of forgiveness with you."Forgiveness isn't easy."Forgiveness is a choice, it's not mandatory," Rosenberg said.