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On Mac, hover your cursor over the Face Time window to call up the button.When you're ready, just click or tap on the camera button.She puts it in and places the dishrack over the top of the bird. Apple has added support for taking Live Photos while you're having a Face Time video chat with friends and family in i OS 11 and mac OS High Sierra.Grandma says, “Dahlink, that’s the only way it will fit in the pan!” In this respect, they are as bad as “this old boy down home.” His wife sent him to the store for a ham.Setting up housekeeping is a daunting yet satisfying task as the bride strives to create a home for herself and her husband, not just a bare-walls place to live.

“This old boy” asked his wife why she wanted the end cut off.He made sure to point this out to his mother when we arrived. I am brave enough to ask, in this crowded kitchen, with food laid out for at least A young woman is preparing her first thanksgiving dinner. “My mom always did that to help the turkey thaw” she told him. I even remembered to put the rack over the turkey last night.” This seemed to confuse her mother a bit. “Why on earth didn’t you turn off the main power switch before you tried to splice the wires? “I wanted to save time, chief, and I’ve seen you stand on one leg, grab the wires and splice without turning off the power.” “My God, kid,” exclaimed the chief. ” Tony Scali asks one of his officers why he makes five copies of each document only to always throw away the fifth and is told “That’s the way we’ve always done it.” In retaliation, the Commish tells the “ends cut off the roast” story.As she gets everything ready for thanksgiving day, she very sternly reminds herself to let the turkey finish thawing in the sink overnight. The next day Mom calls to see how everything is going. Mother replied that this was the way her mother did it; Mother, daughter and “this old boy” then decided to call grandmother and solve this three-generation mystery.Grandmother promptly replied that she cut the end of the ham because her roaster was too small to cook it in one piece.