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The top 10 visitors tend to be a mix of South Floridians, Canadians and New Yorkers. From our beaches to lighthouses to seaports, high-definition webcams are everywhere these days, providing live streams that locals and out-of-towners can view on their computers, smartphones and other devices.

These snapshots of regular everyday life are becoming a source of entertainment for people who increasingly do everything online.

The live webcam offers high-resolution views of the Chajnantor plateau, located at 5000 meters above sea level in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Here several antennas that take part of ALMA as well as APEX can be seen pointing to the sky. During the day the webcam shows the last frame before sunrise.

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The 24/7 live transmission from the webcams offers multiple streams that are not to be missed: The live webcam offers high-resolution views of the Very Large Telescope observing platform.

Now the live stream has become part of her morning routine along with her coffee."When you do live in a cold weather climate, visiting the webcam is like a mini-vacation," she said.

"It's really nice to see a different picture."The city of Pompano Beach installed its webcam 12 feet high above, facing north from the fishing pier, in July 2014.

It is so popular, she said, that she receives calls and emails whenever the camera is temporarily down or blurry from rain."If it goes down, we get so many people that write in and complain how horrible it is, that the webcam is down and it sure better be up soon," King said.

"We will go out and clean the lens pretty regularly."She said privacy issues have not been a concern.