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She’s always been quiet and polite and acts like she needs a lot of alone time.

I assumed she was introverted or shy and didn’t hold it against her.

Which would make your current obligation to insert yourself into every dramatic twist and turn of your daughter’s marital troubles hard enough, but now you’ve got to coordinate your own management of your daughter’s sex life with your daughter’s employer’s management of her sex life.

Ever since then, I’ve felt resentful of how standoffish she is with me and my husband.

But your case is even more complicated: Not only does your daughter’s company absolutely need to hear third-hand who their employee is currently fucking (and fucking over!

), but it must also be made aware that it is staffed by a coven of witches who have the power to fully manipulate the sexual desires of others to the extent that they have been able to wholly dismantle your daughter’s free-will decision-making ability and replace it with a slutty slut zombie brain.

It first happened last year when the boy was 14 years old.

Court documents show that after raping her, the teen went to her house and told her he wanted to apologize, but he didn't.