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Icehotel Restaurant serves local delicacies like Kalix Bleak Roe, Arctic Char, reindeer and wild berries, prepared by the Michelin-trained head chef and his team in classic continental style.The historic Mommas-room is secluded from the main restaurant and ideal for private parties of up to 30 people.A true professional with unbounded enthusiasm and creative vision and also a really nice and genuine guy.The photographs he captured as part of our Viking wedding renewal are amazing; my wife wanted the day to have a ‘Game of Thrones’ feel which Asaf captured effortlessly.Planning time varies from a few months to a couple of years.We recommend that you contact us well before it’s time.

Our wedding consultation service can help you plan an Arctic wedding year-round. In the last few years, many have ditched the traditional red and gold for their Hindu weddings, and experimented with all sorts of colours, styles, and fabrics.Guests are often seen adorned in gowns instead of to white gowns. We live in a global world, and many Indians venture outside of their comfort zones to become well-travelled, well-read individuals.You can also get a beautiful contrast and the best of two worlds during the summer months with a wedding amidst pristine natural ice inside Icehotel 365, followed by a reception in the warm summer sun.Icehotel offers a wedding consultation service, so we can help with the planning and practical preparations to ensure your day is truly magical.