Machine stitched cathedral window updating an old favorite

I went out to ebay and found a beautiful machine embroidered breast cancer ribbon that just fit the bill.The lady’s screen name is toogie06 and she does beautiful work.

I expressed my concern to Susan, and she asked about what making a quilt entails.She related to me that she recently moved back to the states because her younger sister, Tara, had been diagnosed with breast cancer and she wanted to be closer to her sister and her family. I have seen several patterns for breast cancer quilts, but none of them were exactly right for what I had in mind.So I got out my engineering paper, and after about 8 or 10 iterations, came up with my own design.This is my sister June’s story of Quilting Architecture & Project Management Quilters, like engineers, architects, artists, writers, chefs and other creative types, know that creating something of beauty brings joy to their world.Creations are composed of a piece of the life of the creator, bringing the creator satisfaction of achievement.