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Fresh Clean Sporty Masculine Summer Gym Beach After Shower The only reason somebody would not like Eau Fraiche is because it's longevity is weak. It's the ideal "freshen up" cologne for any occasion because it's very versatile.Can be worn to the office, dates, gym, summer weddings, formal, casual, you name it.Top notes include lemon, bergamot, rosewood, and rose. The citrus and starfruit top notes changes to slightly powdery on the dry down.Heart notes feature cedar, tarragon, sage and pepper. Projection is good for the first one hour and longevity around 5-6 hour on the office environment. I say that because even after 36 hours and a shower I can still catch vivid wafts from the lingering sillage cloud around me. When it comes to where to apply, this is one that you should not spray anywhere on your body where you will be able to put your nose against and smell.You can add a few sprays to your shirt to get better longevity. Like a garden after the rain, but that makes it more of a "spring" smell than a true summer smell. Versace Man Eau Fraiche is a solid designer freshie despite smelling a bit chemically.It's not quite as unique and loved as it once was, there are a lot of similar fragrances today compared to when this was released in 2006. I have learned to go by their judgement of a fragrance than reviews here. Floral citrus, in the steps of the classic L'Eau d'Issey. It can actually be a bit harsh if over applied but will smell clean and easy going with about 5-7 sprays.

The reasoning for this is that when I used to run around with this cologne on I found that instead of the heat amplifying the fresh fruits and citrus, it turned into a wood overdose on my skin.In my opinion, the "Woody Aquatic" classification for this is strange, as I get no marine vibes from this one.What I do get right up top is a blast of bright fruits and citruses, which dries down quickly to smell almost exactly like D&G Light Blue: Florals, spices, and wood.Absolutely worth grey market prices but certainly not worth a purchase full retail. Citrus, fruity from the star fruit, woodsy, spicy, lasts long.Can find a bottler here and there lingering around at local discount chains so you can sample before buying a whopping 200 ML to bathe in during the hot months. You will get compliments wearing this and you will offend no one.