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The single-parent armada If you’re a single parent, take comfort: You are far from alone. “I feel like if you’re that desperate, you just end up settling.

In 1990, there were more than 7 million single-parent families in the U. “The minute I realized, ‘I can live by myself for the rest of my life,’ I swear, from that moment on, I could not stop getting dates!

A lot of my married girlfriends love listening to my stories,” Mia says. Try doing what local family and sex therapist Diana Wiley, Ph.

An ‘emotional divorce’Mia’s happy ending could be a direct result of her very centered, self-affirming attitude. D., calls an “emotional divorce.” It’s a way of preparing yourself for dating, Wiley says, by taking a good hard look at yourself and your life.

“They’re so busy and they’re always putting themselves last.

But I say taking care of yourself shows self-respect, and if you don’t even have time to take care of yourself, how can you think of adding another person to the mix?

I think one needs to be separated and divorced for the better part of a year and do this work.

This is a major life transition.” A lot of women don’t do this, Wiley says.

If your daily life exhausts you so much that a night on the town sounds like torture?Because I had this different attitude about me.” After four years of single parenting and dating, Mia got remarried last year to a man she met on the online dating site Dating wasn’t a slam-dunk for Mia — she went out on about 10 failed first dates — but found that even with a job and three kids underfoot, the dating process was interesting, and even fun. He was 81, and died Tuesday morning after suffering a heart attack in his California home, the Associated Press reports.While Lange began and ended his career in radio, which his wife Nancy told the AP was “his real love,” he was best known for helping contestants find love on TV.