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it was very hard to like the character, a whiny, violent, coke-dealing teen—but in Showtime’s revival, he’s reformed in the best way possible.

Who knows if it’s Dana Ashbrook’s dadly-looking salt-and-pepper hair, his sterner face, or the fact that this rebellious teen grew up to be a cop—but either way, Bobby Briggs has gotten a major character upgrade.

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That evolution first became clear in Episode 9, when the widowed Betty Briggs gave Bobby a message from his late father—who apparently knew his son would turn out O. Upon opening the message at the sheriff’s department, Bobby was overcome with emotion—showing a wistful side that we’d never really seen before, even during his most vulnerable moments with Shelly. thinner.)Whatever all of this means, Bobby’s transformation from teenage terror to the city’s most patient cop has been cemented.

If Lillard has his way, we’d be returning to Utah to find out. Linkletter does that for ‘Before Sunrise,’ like every ten years he goes back and makes that movie again.“I think that they are related,” Lillard says of Stevo and Stevo Going. And hopefully we treat that scene with respect, and those people in that world find it and like that movie.The movie isn’t about a fat kid, it’s about people on the outside looking in.” “Fat Kid Rules the World” opens in NY today, LA on October 12, with additional cities to follow, and will be available on VOD and i Tunes beginning October 25.But Becky’s return this week was equally significant, as it provided depth to one of the revival’s strongest ties to the original series.From the start of Ashbrook’s performance still features some of that classic scenery-chewing, but age has mellowed his character, making him into someone a lot less obnoxious.