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They might say that you need to create a Western Union account to receive the money.They may even offer to help you fill out the necessary forms — if you give them remote access to your computer.This was on Friday afternoon late enough i couldnt call my bank . He wanted an e-mail from me agreeing to this amount.Called Monday Feb 10th account had all ready been charged . The e-mail address that he used was [email protected] on the Feb the 24th . I have filed a complaint with Bank and with the BBB of Houston texas also with the National do not call Registry .I told him I have 3 computers and asked which one is infected. He then said it is the computer registered under... I also received two calls from someone claiming to be from microsoft. So I replied with ' It's great and all that you called but, do you know who the owner of the medium one is? It's simply old and just needs to be retired.' He got a bit huffy and said ' No, No, I'm positive there is a virus on your computer, if you'll let me just access your computer, I can fix it for you for just a small fee.' So I booted up my computer and said ' Hey sir, what's your name?When I asked for a number to call him back, he hung up. ' ' I'm Derek Lin' ' Derek, Red Rover says "hi!I feel bad for those who aren't savy enough to know it's all a scam. That right there was a red flag, but as he went on with his questions about my computer it became more obvious it was a scam so I hung up. I respond with ok BOB go get a real job, this is a scam & I'll be reporting this number... I've been a victim of identity theft in the past, it's not what I wish upon anyone and I feel bad for whoever gets fooled & taken for with this scam, but it won't be me! hi, i feel for this scam and ended up letting them take control of my computer pointing out all the wrong things then finally asked for money, the out come was i refused to give them money told him i was skint, continued to work on the computer then put the phone down on me, consered cause he kept mentioning online banking paypal etc.

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Since they use so many I'll just wait for the next one and block that too. The PHONE # 239-247-5552 OR 855-593-3163 if you dialed them would get you MICROTEC SUPPORT LLC in HOUSTON TEXAS . 1st caller(a few weeks ago) was clearly not the Andrew Johnson that his Indian accented voice claimed to be, I dated a Johnson he was Irish as Irish could be. He answers a laptop, I need to help you with the Intel processor.

is there nothing that cannot be done about these sad sick individuals!! I went along for a bit to see where they wanted to lead me. I laugh but at the same time i am dumbfounded at how slick they are and how easy it could be for a non tech savvy person (95% of users never looked at the event viewer)to go through with their entrapment.

They had me open my event viewer, as if I didn't know what this was. They pointed to the error messages and, here's the punch line: do you see all the error messages sir? I later read that they take control, insert an that only lets you view their webpage and nothing else works.

Had to use Microsoft disinfectant, Kaspersky virus detection, and malware removal programs. Look real carefully and the site address; they used Epson's name in vain.

Ask them to tell you your ip address of the infected PC.