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The leaking aviation spirit caught fire in the area of the Senior NCOs' mess. The second bomb had a devastating effect, penetrating as far as the "tween" deck at Frame 116, the ensuing explosion and fire destroying the upper deck between Frames 94 and 145.

A jet of flame ignited oil and spirits beyond an open bulkhead door at Frame 121 and this fire spread rapidly.

The worst of the casualties occurred to the personnel of "A" turret, and it was twenty minutes before these guns could be trained on the approaching Republican destroyers, which ceased fire and turned away when ready ammunition for the 15 cm starboard battery exploded at 1930.Repairs to Deutschland took ten days, after which the ship took part in restricted naval exercises.Deutschland returned to Spanish waters and visited El Ferrol, Cadiz, Tangier, Algeciras, Ceuta and Melilla.In time, therefore, it would become apparent who was supporting whom.Deutschland returned to Wilhelmshaven and docked for a refit.