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During its heyday, AOL was first among equals against rivals Prodigy, Compuserve, and something which came to be known as the Internet.With Twitter, we're talking about a very imaginative technology that's become a favorite toy of the digital commentariat.Thanks to the phenomenal success of its digital-music player, Apple could soon control 5 percent of the desktop computer market, says Morgan Stanley, which polled 400 i Pod users and found that 19 percent expect to convert from PC to Macintosh.The implication appears to be that i Pod owners' positive brand association with Apple will spill over to the desktop realm.

It's too early, however, to tell how the Mac Mini will impact Apple's position.I remember a senior company exec at the time describing how the top brass was caught off guard by the seemingly sudden avalanche of complaints and negative coverage in the press.It was as if someone flipped a switch, and AOL went from darlings to dolts.Unfortunately for Twitter, the company's popularity made the service disruption that began Friday all the more embarrassing.The botched deployment of a new memcache project was designed to foster a more scalable service.