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So few things I like to point out personally: Something to share: MLP RPG is always in competition with other similar RPG games because I love competitions. I choose classical RPG simply because I knew it is something I can master fast without too much of working because I have other more important things to do as well.

I stood away from intensely 3D dependent games especially for a fan game because it is too costly both software wise and also lacking graphical library and my time; and yes, it could take weeks just to get one 3D model to look natural and I don’t want to make this a crazy serious game development project.

One more town map with bosses that is nearly impossible to defeat. Game will be available only for the PC users; unless RPG Maker VX Ace will have its cross-platform functionalities.

System requirements: We only tested and it works on windows 8, 7 and on iphone using remote desktop. The storyline is based around a new research topic: Parallel philosophy.

Make sure you view all of the dress and clothes options, there are three boxes at the bottom.

Part one trailer (click me) Part one fan trailer (click me) Game Information: This game is based upon unique storyline customized from the cartoon series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” but at the same time for those players who haven’t watched the series yet, they can still follow up to the story without any trouble.

Most of my game developers working on this project left due to university and my trailer video only gotten 500 views; which is really horrible.

My strength is limited and I also have other important tasks to do as well.