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View our Terms of Service at: our Privacy Policy at: Me, Inc.Web Site Meet Me - Chat and Meet New People Support This is actually a good site that works I’m currently with a hottie because of this site however there are eight hon of robot spam accounts that you have to watch for, I can’t tell you how many times I have exchange numbers or information to one-on-one talk with them and ask them to send me a live picture with their finger in there easier or their finger touching their nose and they never can do it- Another one we use is well they’re talking to you you can tell it is a robot generated conversation, so I ask them what the first or second president of the United States was her you’ll get a response that says, “Oh I’m doing great” lol I've had this app for a very long time.He said his daughter has never been in trouble until she met Welch, whom he called a "clown" and "low-life piece of trash as far as I'm concerned."Welch has been in prison four times from 2001 though 2010, being discharged from Michigan Department of Corrections supervision in 2011, spokeswoman Holly Kramer said.She said Welch's sentences were for probation or parole violations and walking way from a corrections center and escaping the Otsego County Jail."It's shocking."Shock, disbelief, even embarrassment were sentiments from neighbors today, a day after Misty George, 30, and her boyfriend, Michael Welch, 38, were charged with human trafficking-forced labor and prostitution/accepting earnings.George also was charged with using a computer to commit a crime, according to the county sheriff's office."It freaked me out," neighbor Lou Ann Boylan said of the allegations.“Instead of helping this profoundly special-needs person, (the couple) took her support money, forced her to live rough in an outside shed, and sold her as a prostitute.

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Welch and George set up date advertisements for the victim through a website, according to the sheriff's office.Somehow, authorities said, the 29-year-old woman with mental and physical disabilities got away from the Macomb Township couple accused of keeping her in the shed, taking her support money and selling her services through online ads.And neighbors said they didn't have a clue about what was going on."I just don't even understand. I feel guilty because I didn't see this," said Colleen Budzynski, 41, who lives across the street from the couple and the shed where Macomb County authorities allege the incident took place.This resulted in one conversation with a male who ended up wanting sex, even though my profile clearly said I'm straight and looking for friends. I've asked questions and reported failures dozens of times and they have never once contacted me to resolve a problem or answer a question. On top of that, I came to the app today, and my account was hacked! I had a load of conversations that I had no part in, with random people around the world. If you block a member on here they are right back on the next day.