Modern women dating

When you first approach a woman or are just getting to know her, she wants you to treat her like you would any other woman; not any better or any worse.

She wants you to be yourself – your best self – in her presence.

A Man Who Allows Her to be a Woman Men are natural problem solvers and when a woman airs a problem to a man, many men often feel that it’s their job to solve the woman’s dilemma. Most of the time (80%), she’s just looking for you to lend an ear but sometimes (20%), yes, she does want your input. Well, when a woman comes to you with a problem, just sit there and listen. Too often you might have the natural male impulse to jump in with a solution and say, as you give her your advice.

Then, she’ll likely do what she feels is best and not necessarily use the advice you offered.

Most importantly, the way you handled the situation will make her happy with you as a man.

She’ll realize that you believe she is capable of using her judgment and she won’t feel as if you’re forcing your opinions on her.

You offered it first and, being a woman (who naturally submits to the masculine), she simply listened.

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You don’t have to tell her this – she will pick up on it by observing your overall character as a man.

Whether it’s taking a class to advance your career or reading books that will improve your mind, women love men who aren’t content to just always sit in front of the tube or hang with their friends.

They want a man who actually shows a desire to improve his life and possibly their life together.

If she does ask, then she is looking to you for a possible solution.

Once you give her your opinion, she very well may go with your suggestions but even if she doesn’t, you can be sure that she will weigh them carefully – most women do have a brain.