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She was no doubt a friend of the bride and captured at the same time in 1692.It can be noted that many persons were captured at the time in New England and brought back to Canada where they settled and founded families.She was the daughter of Benjamin Heard and Elizabeth Roberts.

Among those present was Philippe Robitaille, husband of Madeleine Warren a native of Dover in New Hampshire.The results of the spatial regression models show that the morning commute and trips on collector roads and on-street bike lanes and shared bike lanes have significant and positive impacts on exposure to air pollution and noise.On the other hand, some factors are only significant for one or the other of the two types of exposure.They are difficult to interpret in French and more so when translated into English, so that a very liberal interpretation will be presented rather than a literal one."The future spouses will share in common all the goods, personal and immovable, that they will have acquired together during their marriage, according to the customs of the city of Paris which the said spouses promise to observe, even if they were to move to other provinces where the laws and regulations would be contrary to the customs of Paris".In this marriage contract the family name of the bride is written as "herde".