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Roy Bacon has a not-easy-to-find website with a biography and information about a motorcycle dating service that he offers to interested historians.The 1930's is so foreign to many motorcyclists today that it isn't even considered as part of motorcycle history.This may be hard to believe or conceive, because that's probably at least twice as many motorcycle makes in the entire world in the 21st Century.Bacon covers 84 of them in "British Motorcycles of the 1930's", from the familiar marques like Norton, Triumph and AJS to the completely obscure, with names like New Gerrard, NUT, SOS, Chell and Whitwood.Here is a rare opportunity to acquire a spectacular 1 owner Porsche 911 Turbo-Look Speedster which has only covered 10,300 miles from new.A genuine, matching-numbers Speedster presented with a complete .....Rare Motorcycle Book Review Series: Triumph Bonneville: Portrait of a Legend | 60 Years of Moto GP | Hold ON! Setright | British Motorcycles of the 1930's | Tuning for Speed by Phil Irving | Caf Racers by Mike Clay | Tuning for Speed by Phil Irving | Bill Lomas: World Champion Road Racer | More Book Review Ratings This is the third in our occasional series of reviews of classic motorcycle books.

The Ferrari F355 is a modern classic, so beautiful, so well-engineered and so well received that it marked the beginning of the end of the old-guard 'Ferraristi' philosophy that the only "real" Ferraris .....

I have no idea how he got them, but there are many photos of each with detailed descriptions, model histories and even charts in the back of the book that list the technical details.

If you can't get enough of motorcycles; if you're interested in the astonishing and utterly fascinating history of the British motorcycle industry; or if you've viewed the wonderful "A to Z of British Bikes" video and want more, this is the book for you.

We are delighted to offer for sale this very unique Porsche 3.0 Carrera Sport Targa.

Chassis number 9116610033 is a very early UK delivered, RHD car registered in October 1975 and the only RHD 3.0 .....