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Cohen was a bombastic fool, Russian intelligence were not fools, and they would, presumably, take good care to get Mr.

Cohen into and out of the United States without any stamp in any passport he might legitimately own; and with no record of exit or entry into the United States.

It is disappointing that American media would treat the one as proving the other.

CNN spoke with reverence of a ‘second Michael Cohen’ as if that somehow meant the first one could not have left the United States.

Inanely, CNN claimed that they had it “confirmed” that Michael Cohen was not in Prague, Czech Republic, when the dossier said he was.

They based this on the fact that, as they claimed, “a different Michael Cohen” had been in Prague around that time, according to a passport stamp.

This has nothing to do with the matter one way or the other, and a little thought by CNN would have borne that out.

The dossier alleged that Cohen went to Prague and another EU country; that was rated as low confidence as to both location and to exact timing.

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The reason I took this attitude is that all three heads of US intelligence agencies had included Steele’s dossier as an adjunct to their report to the President. He then tweeted: Radar Online is owned by Pecker, of ‘Trump loves Pecker’ fame.If this is a false positive, meaning that your access to your own site has been limited incorrectly, then you will need to regain access to your site, go to the Wordfence "options" page, go to the section for Rate Limiting Rules and disable the rule that caused you to be blocked.For example, if you were blocked because it was detected that you are a fake Google crawler, then disable the rule that blocks fake google crawlers.Or if you were blocked because you were accessing your site too quickly, then increase the number of accesses allowed per minute.If you're still having trouble, then simply disable the Wordfence advanced blocking and you will still benefit from the other security features that Wordfence provides.