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In a 2014 report, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that of 3,200 3,200 taxi drivers who were hurt or killed on the job, 180 sustained injuries caused by a violent person—about 5.6 percent.

It isn't that ridesharing companies aren't aware of the risk.

Of course, drivers do have some control over just how much risk they take on.

They can choose not to work in the wee hours or to avoid those parts of town where they may not feel safe.

Still, if ridesharing companies don't make their figures public, federal regulators do.

"Taxi drivers are over 20 times more likely to be murdered on the job than other workers," the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration said in 2010.

Under federal law, training is a signifier that someone is an employee, and both Uber and Lyft have fought bitterly against re-classifying drivers as employees.

By the very nature of how on-demand businesses operate today, drivers in many ways have to go it alone. ZCBl8Cg When it comes to threats to driver safety, Lyft says it "keeps detailed records" whenever it's contacted about a ride-related incident.

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As it turns out, picking up strangers in your car is an inherently risky job.

driving a man home one night when, upon stopping at a light, the passenger stripped off all of his clothes, ran naked around the car, and then got back in as if nothing at all had happened. What gets far less attention is the abuse, verbal and physical, that drivers endure.

Odd, yes, but just another night as an Uber driver. In November, a shocking video of a drunken Taco Bell executive beating an Uber driver went viral.

No matter what you call it, providing rides to strangers carries the risk of harassment and violence—it's why your parents told you never to pick up hitchhikers.

But while the risk to passengers of using ridesharing services has been widely debated, the risk to drivers has been largely ignored.