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In addition, we know from an analysis of transactions per day of the week that far more individuals use the City Place location and, because of its location, it can be more easily reached by public transit.

Pursuant to Administrative Order AO/24/17, civil court documents may be voluntarily e-filed in Monroe County, effective January 18, 2017.

If your answer to any of the questions posed above is yes, then we can help ... The County Clerk is one of four elected administrative offices in Monroe County: County Clerk, County Executive, County Sheriff and District Attorney.

County Clerks are Constitutional Officers, as their office is prescribed for in the Constitution of the State of New York. Important Numbers County Clerk Information: 585 753-1600 Auto License Bureau Hotline: 585 753-1604 Pistol Permit Information: 585 753-1642 The County Clerk oversees the operation of the Monroe County Clerk’s Office, which is a million per year enterprise, and is responsible for the following duties: Several new homeowners have recently reported receiving letters from a company offering to provide copies of the deed to their home for fees exceeding .

In order to search for documents that have been E-Filed, you must first look up the E-Index Number created by the Clerk's Office by logging into our search portal, creating a username and password then searching by Document Type.

Highlight EFILING INDEX NUMBER from the list and the right-arrow to add it to your searchable list, enter the date range (Note: the first date of filing was 01/18/2017) into the Filing Date boxes and hit Search.

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The duties and responsibilities of the County Clerk are broad, and this office interacts with nearly everyone in our community on a routine basis. The office of Monroe County Clerk is a position that is elected on a countywide basis.

(iv) Any final order issued pursuant to subparagraph (ii) of this paragraph by an environmental control board of a city having a population of one million or more shall constitute a judgment which may be entered in any place provided for the entry of civil judgments within the state, and may be enforced without court proceeding in the same manner as the enforcement of money judgments entered in civil actions.

Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, before a judgment based upon a default may be so entered, such environmental control board must have notified the respondent by first class mail in such form as such environmental control board may direct: (A) of the default decision and order and the penalty imposed; (B) that a judgment will be entered in any place provided for the entry of civil judgments in the state; and (C) that the entry of such judgment may be avoided by requesting a stay of default for good cause shown and either requesting a hearing or entering a plea pursuant to the rules of such environmental control board within thirty days of the mailing of such notice.

These documents are on file with the County Clerk's Office and can be provided for reproduction fees of merely a few dollars!

Click here to view a letter from the County Clerk with more information.