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A lot of tablet fans will be on the lookout for Google's Nexus 7 2017.

With the news of upcoming tablets from Apple and Samsung, discerning buyers will be looking for a third option to compare them to.

Affiperf is part of our specialties department and we handle several clients who buy programmatically and we decide which DSP to use for each campaign, and one of those DSPs is App Nexus.The tablet part of the equation is the upcoming Nexus 7 2017, which is rumored to be coming in the latter half of the year.If the rumors are true, this will be the next Nexus refresh in nearly five years after the first tablet launched all the way back in 2012.The Andromeda OS is thought to be a hybrid of the Android and Chrome OS, which can be especially suited to an upcoming tablet device.Are you looking for experienced older women dating younger men? Nexus Date is a large international dating platform with hundreds of women looking for men from all around the globe.