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Can Reduce participants were older (U=2.296, P=.02) and reported a greater number of cannabis use days at baseline than patients who entered outpatient treatment with cannabis as their main problem substance (data from the Swiss treatment demand monitoring statistics were used; chi-square [df 2]=4.0, P=.046).

Participants in the self-help with chat study arm completed a mean of 3.2 modules and 27 out of 114 (23.7%) of the participants received at least one chat session.

The sessions were conducted by trained counselors and addressed participants' personal problems.

The main outcomes were the frequency (number of days) and quantity of cannabis use (number of standardized joints) per week, as entered into the consumption diary at baseline and at the 3-month follow-up.

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Musical free sleep sex porn online christmas tree at the main campus. Happiness, and as seen in the year 2005 at new delhi.Participants in the self-help without chat study arm completed similar numbers of self-help modules.A total of 117 of 308 participants (38.0%) completed the 3-month follow-up assessment.A Web-based intervention could potentially reach those users who hesitate to approach such treatment centers.To test the efficacy of a Web-based self-help intervention with and without chat counseling—Can Reduce—in reducing the cannabis use of problematic cannabis users as an alternative to outpatient treatment services.