No more mr nice guy dating

#3, a woman with clear morals and boundaries, has a voracious sexual appetite and has no problem initiating sex with you but will turn it down when she isn’t feeling it, and doesn’t push you to do things that you’re not comfortable with. Hooray, we’re all humans and there’s no distinguishable differences in our attraction process when it comes to not enjoying being lied to!

Unless you’ve got some intimacy issues, narcissism, or low self-esteem a-brewin’ within the chaos of your mind, you would most likely be attracted to #3, followed by #2, and then by #1 in a distant last place. Bottom line, you are either attractive to someone or you are not.

It's not about how to be a jerk, it's about how to be a healthy, well-adjusted person and how to have productive and happy relationships with people. The system break down of how you act and how you can change the way you are, are very enlightening. As other people have mentioned, this book will be very difficult to read if you are just coming out of a breakup, but it is an incredibly important read to get through.

He still isn't fully out of his funk, but at least he has agreed to go through counseling to help get back on track because of this book.

And while I'm still feeling down and lonely because of whatever he is going through too, at least it gives me a little hope that this book will work.

Self-Improvement · Men's Social · Wellness · Being a Man · Men's Group Work · Empowerment for Men · Self Exploration · Mens Support Group · Self-Empowerment · Men's Support Groups · Men's Issues · Men's Support Network · Men supporting men with authenticity and integrity · Men Supporting Men We have all heard the saying “Nice guys finish last,” and when we think of Nice Guys, we often have a clear picture in our minds. An adorable loser who has nothing but good intentions,waiting for his turn to get lucky. Robert Glover shows us that the truth looks a little different.

It is true that a Nice Guy usually doesn’t get what he wants, but he is not adorable. He is passive aggressive and can terrorize his social environment through his own forms of manipulation. Robert Glover explains in detail why this is the case and more importantly, how men can get rid of their “Nice Guy Syndrome” to live a more integrated and full life. If you are looking for a healthy model of masculinity, and a plan for how to get what you want in business, dating, and sex without manipulation or over aggressiveness this book will provide it.

No more mr nice guy dating